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Digital dog shelter application

By Taryn Bzdick

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Pet overpopulation has been a major issue for a long time. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are in shelters all over the country who desperately need homes. When looking up these dogs on shelter web sites it is common to find a small blurb and a low quality photograph in a poorly designed environment about a dog in need of a home. Most of the time these postings are not informative enough to help the potential owner make an educated decision in choosing the right dog for them. Dogs in these shelters would have significantly higher chances of being adopted if they had a stronger web presence than what they currently have. The purpose of this project is to find a way to make dogs up for adoption more appealing, interactive and geared toward a more accurate fit for the potential owner by means of developing a digital shelter dog adoption center. This method would be best used for dogs that have a more difficult time finding a home, such as older dogs, dogs of a specific breed and size, physically or mentally handicapped dogs, or dogs with other special needs.


Katie Carroll

Date 2011
Pages 58
Publisher Rochester Institute of Technology
Department School of Design
Degree Master of Fine Arts
Language English
University Rochester Institute of Technology
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