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Recessionary communication — A final note

By Myrna Milani

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Abstract One goal of this column since its inception several years ago has been to bridge the gap between the scientific and technological orientation of veterinary education and the behavior and bond orientation of many clients. Because the more complex the issue is, the more important it is that clinician and client be on the same page, the previous two columns addressed communication challenges posed by the current economic recession. Since then another challenge directly related to the economic downturn has made an appearance: increased articles and news reports about people giving up or euthanizing their animals because they can no longer afford to keep them, with the latter option sometimes being referred to as “economic euthanasia.” Although these increases might reflect a valid connection, they also might signal a breakdown in communication between the animal-care and animal-owning populations.

Deborah Maron

Publication Title Can Vet J.
Volume 50
Issue 10
Pages 1087–1090
Publisher Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Language French
Column Title The Art of Private Veterinary Practice
Additional Language English
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