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Importation of Stray Dogs from Hungary and Romania to Norway

By Julie Jahren Holter

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The aim of this thesis was to highlight the different factors playing a part in the discussion of importation of stray dogs to Norway. Several aspects of the discussion have been mentioned. It has been proved that an increasing number of stray dogs are being imported, especially after the new regulations regarding the rabies vaccination. According to the studies performed by the Norwegian government, there is a considerable risk to both human and animal health when importing these stray dogs. The different pathogens considered to be a threat towards the Norwegian dog population, has shown to have a higher prevalence in the Hungarian and Romanian dog population than in Norway. This causes the Norwegian government wanting to ban all import of stray dogs. Instead of banning all import, the NSFA should follow the recommendations from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and change the regislations for import. These changes would make importation of stray dogs safer, both for the dog owners and the Norwegian dog population. As a conclusion of this thesis, it will be the NFSA’s responsibility to make sure that import becomes safer. Banning all import will be difficult, both to establish and control. If the NFSA wants to make sure that no foreign pathogens are imported, these changes of the legislations will be crucial. Despite the recommendations from the NFSA to stop importing stray dogs, Norwegian dog lovers will continue to do so because of their urge to help animals in need. Therefore, new and improved regulations and guidelines must be made to ensure safe import.


Spencer CW Au

Date 2013
Pages 44
Publisher Szent István University
Location of Publication Budapest, Hungary
Department Department of State Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Economics
Language English
University Szent István University
Subject Location Norway
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