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Save a Dog's Life | Karyn Garvin | TEDxTucson

By Karyn Garvin

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Karyn Garvin’s talk, “Saving a Dogs’ Life” will appeal to dog enthusiasts from all walks of life. She brings a unique clarity to the distinction between Separation Anxiety in dogs and another condition referred to as Containment Phobia in dogs. The concern is that thousands of dogs die each year as a result of being misdiagnosed and therefore treated incorrectly.
Karyn has been a dog behavior specialist for over 39 years. This talk is based on her most recent book, "Separation Anxiety Versus Containment Phobia: Why is Your Dog Destructive When You’re Gone?”

Karyn Garvin has remained true to her career as a professional dog trainer and behavior management specialist since 1978. Over her long career, she has taught over 40,000 private lessons with dog owners learning how to train their dogs. Karyn has also authored three books on the love and training of dogs. What drives Karyn is her commitment to saving dogs’ lives. It is still true today that a huge percentage of dogs that die in shelters each year are owner-released because of behavioral issues their owners did not know how to manage. She owns her own business: Garvin’s “Divine Dog” Training in Tucson, Arizona. She lives with her girlfriend, their six dogs, six cats and one African Grey Parrot.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Date 2017
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