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"Nu kommer hunden!": Aktionsforskning om barn som läser för hundar med syfte att utveckla lässtunderna på svenska bibliotek

By Elina Garp

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This master´s thesis in Library and Information Science examines the experiences of children who read to a dog. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the interactions between the librarian, the readingdog-handler, the child-ren and the dogs and what the benefits from the interactions might be. The aim is also to examine how the child-ren express their literacy during the readingsessions and how to develop the readingsessions at a specific library. The author follows a reading dog project for seven weeks, in collaboration with a specific school and library. Action research was used as a research strategy, and since action research is done on the basis of practice, a coll-laboration with the participating children, the librarian and the readingdog-handler was significant in this study.The theoretical framework concists of theory and concepts from the sociocultural theory developed by Ro-ger Säljö, and human-animal studies with concepts from Donna Haraway. The method used to collecet data was qualitative interviews, participant observation, logbook and tutoring. A total of 33 observations was collected, 33 short interviews were conducted and 6 tutoring meetings. Also the author, readingdog-handler and the lib-rarian kept a log for this seven week long readingdog project. A total of five third grade children participated in this study.Important results are that the children view the readingsessions as a schoolbased activity, but they would also read to a dog in their spare time. The interaction with the dog and the relationship between the child and the dog are important for the readingsessions to work well. The readingsessions have the potential to let children express and develop their literacy in several ways, though in this study literacy was expressed mainly by tradit-ional reading of printed books. The thesis also discuss to what extent the participant children are allowed to be involved in planning and developing the readingdog-sessions. All of the children participating in this study had a positive experience of the readingsessions and felt that their readingskills improved by reading to a dog.


Mason N McLary

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Date 2015
Translated Title "Now comes the dog!": Action research on children reading dogs for the purpose of developing reading time in Swedish libraries
Pages 91
ISBN/ISSN 1650-4267
Publisher Uppsala University
Location of Publication Uppsala, Sweden
Degree Library and Information Science
Language Swedish
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