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Personhood and companionship among Evenki and their reindeer in Eastern Siberia

By Evelyn Landerer

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This thesis aims to contribute to our understanding of human-reindeer relations among nomadic hunters and reindeer keepers and is based on a discussion of manifestations of personhood in Siberia. I then relate these to contemporary theories in human-animal relations and argue that in the case of this research setting, these relations exceed notions of symbiotic domestication and social contracts. I discuss this topic within the context of Evenki hunters and reindeer breeders living in Katangskiy Rayon, the northernmost district of Irkutskaya Oblast, Russia. I argue that lack of collectivization in this area together with the absence of the notion of reindeer as commodity aimed towards a centralized (Soviet times) or market economy has led to the development of interpersonal companionship in the forest based on respect for the individuality and intentionality of the reindeer.


Mason N McLary

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Date 2009
Pages 72
Publisher Universitetet i Tromsø
Location of Publication Tromsø, Norway
Department Social Sciences
Degree Philosophy
Language English
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