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Practical bond considerations: Dealing with client emotional or mental limits

By Myrna Milani

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Abstract If dealing with time, financial, or physical limits, causes some clinicians to flounder, dealing with emotional or mental ones causes many to sink like rocks. Once again, this doesn’t occur because veterinarians do not care about their clients’ special needs. Most genuinely do. However, frustration or anxiety may overwhelm them as they try to meet those needs within a legal system, a social system, or both, that warns against discrimination. As one harried practitioner put it, “How can I meet needs whose fulfillment may be mandated by law while, at the same time, other laws may prevent me from acknowledging that those needs exist?”

Deborah Maron

Publication Title Can Vet J.
Volume 45
Issue 4/April
Pages 343–346
Publisher Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Language English
Column Title The Art of Private Veterinary Practice
Additional Language French
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