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The disturbing correlation between youth violence and animal cruelty

By Sarah A. Matthews

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In examining juvenile crime and violence, there appears to be a correlation between this violence and the crime of animal cruelty. To assist in supporting this hypothesis, as a society we can study and see that there is a known correlation between violent adult offenders and previous charges of animal cruelty during adolescence. In an additional attempt to support this hypothesis, research was conducted with a survey instrument being sent to all juvenile probation and parole officers in the state of Ohio. These officers mayor may not have chosen to participate in this survey requesting their knowledge in reference to a correlation between youth violence and animal cruelty. The results of this research have proven to be very valuable in the fields of criminal justice and a variety of areas in social work.

Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Date 2004
Pages 113
Publisher Youngstown State University
Location of Publication Youngstown, Ohio
Department Criminal Justice
Language English
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