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Practical bond considerations: Guilt and the treatment process

By Myrna Milani

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Abstract As soon as Dr. Aumand enters the stall, she knows that what would have been a simple problem to treat last week has become a far more serious one. Had her colleague, Dr. Benson, made the call, he would have immediately berated the horse’s owner, Mr. Halliday. “Of all the stupid...why in the world did you let this go so long?” he would have roared. “I ought to report you to the authorities!” Dr. Aumand felt quite sure of this, because Dr. Benson always boasted later about how he reduced such irresponsible owners to quivering wrecks who surely would go and sin no more.

Deborah Maron

Publication Title Can Vet J.
Volume 45
Issue 6/June
Pages 518-521
Publisher Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Language English
Column Title The Art of Private Veterinary Practice
Additional Language French
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