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Therapy cat in the library media center

By Anna L. Talbot

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This research project is a review of literature about utilizing a therapy animal, specifically a therapy cat, within a school library. Since the options of hypoallergenic cats are now available, they can be used in schools to reduce worries about cat allergies. The strengths of using this animal-assisted therapy program will be discussed at length. Desirable cat characteristics will be discussed by project innovators who decide on the right cat for the therapy program. Training the staff members and animal with the help of Pet Partners will be explained. Then further instructional approaches for the therapy program will be discussed along with the option of collaborating with teachers. The evaluation of the therapy program describes the expectations of the therapy cat program.


Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Date 2012
Pages 32
Publisher University of Central Missouri
Location of Publication Warrensburg, Missouri
Department Educational Leadership and Human Development
Degree Library Science and Information Services
Language English
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