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Horsebreakers, Tamers, and Trainers: An Historical, Psychological, and Social Review

By Sharon E. Cregier

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To my knowledge, there has been no organized synthesis describing the historical development of horse handling, management, lore, and training. This discussion offers, in capsule form, some of the historical, psychological, and social considerations which might be taken into account when evaluating horse-handling skills.

First, I would like to describe the natures of the emotional and psychological bonds between man and horse. I will also look at the consequences of various types of bonding on horsemanship or management. We can increase our understanding of the role of the horse in our history and lives by thus seeing how the animal figures in our fantasy, and in our practice (Rhodes 1980; Van de Castle 1983).


Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Date 1986
Pages 14
Publisher The Humane Society
Location of Publication Washington, D.C.
Conference Title Advances in animal welfare science 1986/87
Language English
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