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Pit Bulls Today

By Hannah Nation

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The motivation for this research paper is to shed a new light on the drastic effects negative stereotypes have on breeds that are deemed aggressive in the media and public’s eye. It’s important to understand the full scope of the situation in our society and the consequences that come with these negative stereotypes given specifically to pit bulls. My overall goal is to identify if local animal shelters match in data when compared to research found online. This study aims to answer my research question: Do pit bulls have lower adoption rates and higher euthanization rates? It will be imperative to obtain data from local animal shelters because this will give first-hand accounts of what our local community faces when it comes to this issue.


Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Publisher Iowa State University
Location of Publication Ames, Iowa
Conference Title Animal Studies
Format Powerpoint
Size/Length 15
Language English
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