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Tangible space: centre for animal assisted therapy.

By Andri Verwey

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In the Centre for Animal Assisted Therapy, animals act as a therapeutic intervention to improve the well-being of therapy patients. The main medical success of this mode of therapy lies within the tactile experience of touch. This thesis is about discovering an architecture that acts as a platform for interaction between humans and domesticated animals. The human-animal relationship and the architectural spaces it would require to enhance the gathering, are investigated. It explores an architectural language that is inclusive, involved and focused on a worthy spatial perception based on enhanced tactile experiences.


Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Date 2014
Pages 163
Publisher University of the Witwatersrand
Location of Publication Johannesburg, South Africa
Department Engineering and the Built Environment
Degree Architecture
Language English
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  1. Animal-assisted activities
  2. Animal-assisted therapies
  3. Animal roles
  4. Animals in culture
  5. Animal welfare
  6. Health
  7. Languages
  8. Pets and companion animals
  9. Physical environment
  10. Service animals
  11. Social Environments
  12. therapy
  13. therapy animals
  14. touch