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How We Train Dolphins?

By Meg Sawada

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Through the internship program at Dolphin Quest Oahu (DQO), not only I have learned how to train dolphins but also I have learned the importance caring for animals with respect. Respecting marine mammal and protecting their environment can lead to marine conservation. At Dolphin Quest, we educate public, which leads to conservation efforts. Also, we are able to reach out to the misinformed such as animal activists. Because of the interactive programs at DQO, we can also raise revenue for animal care, research and conservation programs. During our interactive programs, people are offered an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with any one of our four Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. Each person is given an intimate moment with the dolphins. How do the trainers train the dolphins to swim with the people and perform all types of behaviors? They use Operant Conditioning such as reinforcement and punishment.


Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Date May 2002
Pages 27
Publisher University of Hawaii at Manoa
Location of Publication Honolulu, Hawaii
Language English
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