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Training your dog for family living

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This project is designed to teach you to train your dog for family living. A dog that has many bad habits, such as getting on furniture, jumping on people, growling, biting, and roaming throughout the neighborhood, is not fun for a family and may cause embarrassment to you and your friends. A dog's manners are the responsibility of the owner or family. It is easier to start with a puppy and teach it good habits; however, the following course will be a good start toward retraining an older dog. Your strict attention to training after the course will go far in changing your dog into a well-mannered family pet. Dogs enrolled in the course should be vaccinated for rabies. Your dog should be vaccinated at 5 months of age and receive a booster shot as required in your community. Your dog should also be vaccinated for distemper, hepatitis, and leptospirosis at 8 or 9 weeks of age and receive an annual booster shot. Also recommended is a kennel cough shot.


Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Date 1978
Pages 19
Publisher Washington State University
Location of Publication Pullman, Washington
Language English
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