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Monty Hutson, a Consulting Hypnotist that created an Alternative Solution to helping with P.T.S. (Post-Traumatic Stress). Has developed "Neuro-Traumatic Resourcing" (Non-Therapeutic Hypnotism). This method is used to assist with a person's challenges/issues. In order for us to officially work with a client, they have to have been diagnosed by a medical professional who is licensed and has the proper authority to diagnose P.T.S.D.  Once the perspective client has the proper paperwork or referral from their Doctor or Medical Professional we can proceed with our process of helping them. Our goal is to assist the Veteran to Regain a Positive Mental Attitude or to Manage Situational Stress. To accurately work with a client we must apply a Reasonable Person Test. This will determine if we can continue to move forward. In certain cases, we may offer a Service Dog to help with on going issues, for this reason, we want to ensure that the Veteran is capable of taking care of the animal without creating further stress. We prefer working with the client's Doctor or Medical Professional so that they are involved and aware of the help we are providing.

Monty coined the phrase "The Military Condition" in relating to service members and families who spent any amount of time serving the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. The conditioning starts when the individual enlists in the military and starts working with the recruiter. Learning about military life and duties along with the job (MOS) that they signed up for sets the stage for the Military Condition. The military is a whole different lifestyle that can be very demanding at times. The language is different, they dress different and they're held accountable to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) 24-hrs a day. The military also teaches team work along with skills that you normally would not acquire as a civilian. Let's face it the military is designed for defending America and that's what they specialize in.

Monty Hutson is a veteran who served in the U.S. Army for six years with the 101st Airborne Division and 8th. Infantry in Germany. Spending much of his off time studying language patterns and hypnosis, he started developing communication techniques that his unit commanders found very useful. Monty became known for his mind tricks and performed for various military functions.

Monty’s main focus  getting people to face what they fear most. Learning to understand the process of change was no easy task. He learned that while under hypnosis, a person becomes willing to face what they fear, whereas while conscious they refuse. Monty began meeting experts in the field of Human Engineering. While serving in the military, he never stopped moving forward with his own education and advancements pertaining to understanding the human mind. Learning the skills of interrogation greatly increased his understanding of how influence can be achieved by creating stress, trauma, sleep/self-deprivation and imagery. Learning to apply and understand how these can cause a person give up information.


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