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Envision: Equine Assisted Therapeutic Activities & Resource Center

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The mission of Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship Inc. is to engage a partnership between horses and humans to benefit, empower and facilitate positive change in the lives of individuals and their families. Envision accomplishes this by providing therapeutic riding, equine-assisted therapy and therapeutic activities, as well as sibling and parent/caregiver programs, and educational classes on topics beneficial to clients. Envision also provides a referral network of traditional and holistic professionals who work together to achieve positive change for the individual.

A major focus in our equine assisted therapy is life skills support for people who have experienced moderate to profound injustices in their lives such as at-risk youth, victims of domestic violence, and victims of human trafficking.  Our equine assisted life coaching helps people recovering from trauma or disruptions such as divorce, movement into or out of foster care, or the loss of a family member. We focus on helping people who have physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities, such as amputations, autism, multiple sclerosis, or downs syndrome.  We are honored to serve our returning veterans and their families who need multiple deployment, pre-deployment, relocation, or reintegration support.

Envision plans to accomplish this for more members of our community by providing a state-of-the-art therapeutic equestrian facility providing equine assisted therapeutic activities, integrated holistic resources, and family respite activities in one convenient location.  But we haven’t waited to help those who need equine assisted activities until our Capital Campaign is fulfilled and we have that state-of-the-art facility built on a beautiful, conveniently accessible 10 acre Phoenix site!  Oh no!  We have wonderful therapy horses working right now within a stone’s throw of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve changing the lives of people and reinforcing gains they have made through traditional interventions with the help of their faith, their therapists, their health care providers, educators, and caregivers.  But that site is critical, because there are so many thousands of people in Phoenix,  America’s 5th largest city, who want to participate, and so many gentle horses that want and need a home where they are useful and valued, cared for and loved.  So you can see why this is one of our priorities.

Envision also seeks to be an industry leader in developing research initiatives when we partner with accredited national researchers to design and implement professional research projects to further quantify the benefits of equine assisted therapies and activities.  This is important, because to enable even more people to benefit from equine assisted activities, many governmental, academic, and health and insurance industry influencers need statistics to sanction officially what they know intuitively, and see and experience personally.  The tens of thousands of people who attest to acquiring physical, mental, and behavioral well-being through involvement with horses are living proof. But they are “anecdotal” not “quantifiable” outcomes.  There is some quantified evidence from sound research, and that body of work grows each year. But we’ve set out to make sure there is enough to get the support many hundreds of thousands more deserve from involvement with horses and don’t have — yet.

Finally, Envision expects to be a leading mentor and trainer of  equine assisted activity professionals, sharing our passion, expertise, safety-first approach and best practices with others who want this rewarding and challenging work.  Besides in-person mentoring we are able to develop a comprehensive venue of web-based instructional material to foster education and training for those professionals throughout the therapeutic community.


Katie Osborn

Location Phoenix, AZ 85084
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