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Dogs: A Prescription for Health Issues?

By Denise Magallon

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The human-­‐animal bond has been seen throughout many generations. Pet owners, especially those who own dogs, are known to live a different lifestyle than non-­‐pet owners. However, the individuals who can receive the most benefits from dogs are those with certain psychological and physical health issues. Humans who suffer from diseases find that owning a dog is very helpful and can even improve and/or treat their illness.

Although dogs are not one-­‐hundred percent effective in curing all health conditions, they are still very useful and can improve health even by the slightest result. There is much medical evidence that proves dogs benefit the lives of humans. Most therapy dogs actually make treatment easier for patients suffering from an illness. Also, those with either physical and mental issues are improving their conditions just by interacting with a therapy animal.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

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