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Society for Canine-Assisted Psychotherapy Excellence (SCAPE)

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The Society for Canine Assisted Psychotherapy Excellence (SCAPE) is a society of mental health professionals, canine professionals and organizations that promote ethical guidelines and standards of practice when conducting canine assisted psychotherapy.  

We provide education and training and assessments for those who work in a mental health capacity with canines. 

We hope to engage a community of mental health practitioners and other canine professionals who are dedicated to the highest levels of ethics and standards of practice in the field of Canine Assisted Psychotherapy.


Our Goals

•         To promote official recognition of Canine Assisted Psychotherapy as a valid psychotherapeutic intervention

•         To educate the professional mental health community about ethics and guidelines for canine assisted psychotherapy

•         To attain official recognition of persons who have studied and practiced Canine Assisted Psychotherapy

•         To promote ethical and high standards of practice of therapist and canine teams that offer Canine Assisted Psychotherapy


SCAPE is a 501(c)(3) Organization


Christopher C Charles

Purdue University

Location Springfield, VA
Status Inactive
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