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The ethology of domestic animals: an introductory text

By P. Jensen

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This third edition book with 19 chapters on domestic animal ethology is divided into two parts: Part A contains the basic elements of animal behaviour (chapter I, the study of animal behaviour and its application; chapter II, behaviour genetics, evolution and domestication; chapter III, behaviour and physiology; chapter IV, motivation and the organization of behaviour; chapter V, learning and cognition; chapter VI, social and reproductive behaviour; chapter VII, play behaviour; chapter VIII, introduction to animal personality; chapter IX, animal behaviour, stress and welfare; and chapter X, human-animal relations) and Part B discusses species-specific behaviour of some important domestic animals (chapter XI, behaviour of domesticated birds: chickens, turkeys and ducks; chapter XII, behaviour of horses; chapter XIII, behaviour of cattle; chapter XIV, behaviour of sheep and goats; chapter XV, behaviour of pigs; chapter XVI, behaviour of dogs; chapter XVII, behaviour of cats; chapter XVIII, behaviour of foxes and minks kept for fur production; and chapter XIX, behaviour of laboratory mice and rats). The book is targeted towards veterinarians, veterinary nurses and technicians, farm owners and managers, animal scientists, animal behaviourists and students.

Pages xii + 299
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-78639-165-0
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