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The power of verbal treatment settings

By Myrna Milani

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Abstract In wildlife biology and ethology, a concept known as the "Confidence Effect" describes how animals that successfully overcome some challenge are more likely to succeed again; conversely, animals that fail have a higher probability of failing again. Whether the animal is an insect or mammal, success or failure can have far-reaching effects. Domestic animals also experience this effect, but with one additional feature: the relationship between any humans and the animal in that environment also possesses the potential to enhance or undermine the animal's confidence. And, because of the negative physiological effects associated with fear or anxiety, anything that undermines animal confidence also possesses the potential to undermine animal health, animal behavior, and the treatment process.

Deborah Maron

Publication Title Can Vet J.
Volume 46
Issue 12/December
Pages 1086-1089
Publisher Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Language English
Column Title The Art of Private Veterinary Practice
Additional Language French
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