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The Economic Impact of Pets (HABRI Central Bibliography)

By Marcy Wilhelm-South (compiler)

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  1. My holistic workplace: alpacas & therapy

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Christy, A.

  2. Humanizing the workplace: pet power

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Crawford, J.

  3. Occupational stress in veterinary nurses: roles of the work environment and own companion animal

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Black, A. F., Winefield, H. R., Chur-Hansen, A.

    Veterinary nursing has been identified as an occupation at risk for occupational stress and burnout, but a better understanding of job stressors and influencing factors is needed. The aim of this study was to examine occupational stress in a veterinary nursing population based on established work...

  4. Labradors to Persians: perceptions of pets in the workplace

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Perrine, R. M., Wells, M.

    This article reports the findings of a study examining the effects of the presence of pets in an office on people's perceptions of the work environment, the company, and the people who work there. Participants were 482 college students from a medium-sized university in the Southeast who were...

  5. Owning a dog and working: a telephone survey of dog owners and employers in Sweden

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Norling, A. Y., Keeling, L.

    Many dog owners are faced with the problem of what to do with their dog when they go to work. Different solutions to the problem may affect dogs, owners, and employers. In this study, 204 working, Swedish dog owners and 90 employers were interviewed by telephone regarding practical issues and...

  6. Pets go to college: the influence of pets on students' perceptions of faculty and their offices

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Wells, M., Perrine, R.

    The present study examined the effects of the presence of a pet in a professor's office on college students' perceptions of the office and the professor. Students (n=257) were randomly assigned to view a slide of an office that contained either a dog, a cat, or no animal. Students perceived the...

  7. Veterinary students' views on animal patients and human clients, using Q-methodology

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): de Graaf, G.

  8. Companion animals: In sickness and in health

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Siegel, Judith M.

  9. The human-dog relationship: a tale of two species

    Full-text: Available

    Book Sections | Contributor(s): Alan M. Beck, C. N.L. Macpherson (editor), F. X. Meslin (editor), Alexander I. Wandeler (editor)

    It is common that different species of animals may share the same environmentand often benefit from each other's presence. They may follow one another forfood, or flee together even when only one senses the danger. In natural symbioticrelationships, one participant does not...

  10. On the Edge or not? Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Scholars in Business Communication to Focus on the Individual and Organizational Benefits of Companion Animals in the Workplace

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Barker, Randolph

  11. Pet Dogs Benefit Owners' Health: A 'Natural Experiment' in China

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Headey, Bruce, Na, Fu, Zheng, Richard

  12. [Dogs in the workplace]

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Keller, S.

  13. The role of animals and animal-assisted therapy in stressful life transitions

    Book Sections | Contributor(s): Miller Adams, J. M.

  14. Pet ownership and cardiovascular risk: A scientific statement from the American Heart Association

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Glenn N. Levine, Karen Allen, Lynne T. Braun, Hayley E. Christian, Erika Friedmann, Kathryn A. Taubert, Sue Ann Thomas, Deborah L. Wells, Richard A. Lange

    The purpose of this American Heart Association Scientific Statement is to critically assess the data regarding the influence of pet ownership on the presence and reduction of cardiovascular disease risk factors and cardiovascular disease risk.

  15. Impact of demographic characteristics in pet ownership: modeling animal count according to owners income and age

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Martins, C. M., Mohamed, A., Guimaraes, A. M., de Barros Cda, C., Pampuch Rdos, S., Svoboda, W., Garcia Rde, C., Ferreira, F., Biondo, A. W.

  16. Animals at work: identity, politics and culture in work with animals

    Books | Contributor(s): Hamilton, Lindsay

  17. Dogs at work : a practical guide to creating dog-friendly workplaces

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  18. "This Dog Means Life": Making Interspecies Relations at an Assistance Dog Agency

    Theses | Contributor(s): Edminster, Avigdor

  19. Identifying and describing the roles of companion animals in the lives of workaholics: An exploratory study of workaholism, animal companionship and intimacy

    Theses | Contributor(s): Santarpio-Damerjian, Melody Arlene

  20. AVMA report details pet ownership, veterinary care

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Burns, K.

  21. Effects of interactions between humans and domesticated animals

    Book Sections | Contributor(s): Bokkers, Eddie A.M.

  22. Pet's presence and owner's blood pressures during the daily lives of pet owners with pre- to mild hypertension

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Friedmann, E., Thomas, S. A., Son, H. S., Chapa, D., McCune, S.

  23. Attitudes toward responsible pet ownership behaviors in Singaporean cat owners

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  24. Pet ownership, other domestic relationships, and satisfaction with life among seniors: results from a Canadian National Survey

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  25. Japanese business organizations' level of familiarity with assistance dog legislation and their acceptance of these dogs in the workplace

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Matsunaka, K., Koda, N.

  26. A cross-sectional study of frequency and factors associated with dog walking in 9-10 year old children in Liverpool, UK

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Westgarth, C., Boddy, L. M., Stratton, G., German, A. J., Gaskell, R. M., Coyne, K. P., Bundred, P., McCune, S., Dawson, S.

    Background Owning a pet dog could potentially improve child health through encouraging participation in physical activity, through dog walking. However, evidence to support this is limited and conflicting. In particular, little is known about children’s participation in dog walking and...

  27. Pet ownership, dog types and attachment to pets in 9-10 year old children in Liverpool, UK

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Westgarth, C., Boddy, L. M., Stratton, G., German, A. J., Gaskell, R. M., Coyne, K. P., Bundred, P., McCune, S., Dawson, S.

  28. An evaluation of a dog bite prevention intervention in the pediatric emergency department

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Dixon, C. A., Pomerantz, W. J., Hart, K. W., Lindsell, C. J., Mahabee-Gittens, E. M.

  29. Pet ownership in the UK: where do we stand in 2013

    Journal Articles

  30. Depression in older cat and dog owners: the Nord-Trondelag Health Study (HUNT)-3

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Enmarker, I., Hellzen, O., Ekker, K., Berg, A. G.

    Objective: Depression constitutes a major health problem for older people, in this study defined as people 65 years of age and older. Previous studies have shown that mental health among older people who live with animals could be improved, but contrary results exist as well. Therefore, the...

  31. Survey to investigate pet ownership and attitudes to pet care in metropolitan Chicago dog and/or cat owners

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Freiwald, A., Litster, A., Weng, H. Y.

    The aims of this descriptive cross-sectional study were to investigate dog and cat acquisition and attitudes toward pet care among residents of the Chicago area (zip codes 60600-60660); to compare data obtained from owners of shelter-acquired pets with those of residents who acquired their pets...

  32. Health Benefits and Health Cost Savings Due to Pets: Preliminary Estimates from an Australian National Survey

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Headey, Bruce

  33. Dog ownership has unknown risks but known health benefits: we need evidence based policy

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Orritt, R.

  34. Pet ownership may attenuate loneliness among older adult primary care patients who live alone

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Stanley, I. H., Conwell, Y., Bowen, C., Van Orden, K. A.

    OBJECTIVES: Older adults who report feelings of loneliness are at increased risk for a range of negative physical and mental health outcomes, including early mortality. Identifying potential sources of social connectedness, such as pet ownership, could add to the understanding of how to promote...

  35. Walking the dog: The effect of pet ownership on human health and health behaviors

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Utz, Rebecca L.

  36. Dog ownership, functional ability, and walking in community-dwelling older adults

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Gretebeck, Kimberlee A., Radius, Kaitlyn, Black, David R., Gretebeck, Randall J., Ziemba, Rosemary, Glickman, Lawrence T.

  37. Factors associated with the stages of change for dog walking among Japanese dog owners

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Oka, Koichiro, Shibata, Ai

  38. Pet ownership among homeless youth: Associations with mental health, service utilization and housing status

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Rhoades, Harmony, Winetrobe, Hailey, Rice, Eric

    As many as 25 % of homeless persons have pets. To our knowledge, pet ownership has not been studied quantitatively with homeless youth. This study examined pet ownership among 398 homeless youth utilizing two Los Angeles drop-in centers. Twenty-three percent of homeless youth had a pet....

  39. An Examination of the Possible Benefits for Well-Being Arising from the Social Interactions that Occur while Dog Walking

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Antonacopoulos, N. M. D., Pychyl, T. A.

  40. Does owning a pet protect older people against loneliness?

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Pikhartova, J., Bowling, A., Victor, C.

  41. Owners and pets exercising together: canine response to veterinarian-prescribed physical activity

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Byers, C. G., Wilson, C. C., Stephens, M. B., Goodie, J. L., Netting, F. E., Olsen, C. H.

    Using a prospective, randomized, single-blinded clinical design, we enrolled dog owners (DOs) and their dogs presenting to a veterinary referral hospital in a two-phase trial to determine whether veterinarian-initiated counseling increases physical activity and leads to secondary health benefits...

  42. Estimate of the size and demographic structure of the owned dog and cat population living in Veneto region (north-eastern Italy)

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Capello, K., Bortolotti, L., Lanari, M., Baioni, E., Mutinelli, F., Vascellari, M.

  43. The Benefit of Pets and Animal-Assisted Therapy to the Health of Older Individuals

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Cherniack, E. P., Cherniack, A. R.

  44. Pet Ownership Among Older Adults

    Book Sections | Contributor(s): The Editoral Staff,, Capezuti, Liz, Malone, Michael L., Katz, Paul R., Mezey, Mathy Doval

  45. Service animals in training and the law: an imperfect system

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Magnuson, Darcie

  46. Benefits of dog ownership: comparative study of equivalent samples

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Gonzalez Ramirez, M. T., Landero Hernandez, R.

    Owing to the inconclusive findings of research regarding the health benefits of pet ownership, we compared perceived health, stress, life satisfaction, happiness, and psychosomatic symptoms in dog owners and non-dog owners. As an attempt to overcome some earlier methodological issues, the sample...

  47. The Social Skills and Attachment to Dogs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Carlisle, G. K.

  48. The value of pets

    Journal Articles

  49. Animal-assisted therapy at Mayo Clinic: The time is now

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Creagan, E. T., Bauer, B. A., Thomley, B. S., Borg, J. M.

  50. Pet ownership is associated with increased risk of non-atopic asthma and reduced risk of atopy in childhood: findings from a UK birth cohort

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Collin, S. M., Granell, R., Westgarth, C., Murray, J., Paul, E., Sterne, J. A., John Henderson, A.

    Background Studies have shown an inverse association of pet ownership with allergy but inconclusive findings for asthma. Objective To investigate whether pet ownership during pregnancy and childhood was associated with asthma and atopy at the age of 7 in a UK population-based birth...

  51. Pets impact on quality of life, a case study

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Bakerjian, Debra

  52. Human-Animal Interaction as a Context for Positive Youth Development: A Relational Developmental Systems Approach to Constructing Human-Animal Interaction Theory and Research

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Mueller, M. K.

  53. Work or Play? An Exploration of the Relationships between People and their Service Dogs in Leisure Activities

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Hicks, J. R., Weisman, C. J.

  54. Dog Walking - The Health Benefits

    Journal Articles

  55. Pets' Impact on Your Patients' Health: Leveraging Benefits and Mitigating Risk

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Hodgson, K., Barton, L., Darling, M., Antao, V., Kim, F. A., Monavvari, A.

  56. Not Just "A Walking the Dog": Dog Walking and Pet Play and Their Association With Recommended Physical Activity Among Adolescents

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  57. Pet ownership and physical health

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Matchock, R. L.

  58. The experiences of pet owners' well-being gained through their relationships with their companion animals

    Book Sections | Contributor(s): Johnson, Jennifer Jane, Gubi, Peter Madsen

  59. Prevalence of dog walking and sociodemographic characteristics of dog walkers in the U.S.: An update from 2001

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Richards, Elizabeth A.

  60. Does the purpose for using a service dog make a difference in the perceptions of what it takes to create successful outcomes in the workplace?

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Glenn, Margaret, Thorne, Kendra

  61. Canine comfort: Pet affinity buffers the negative impact of ambivalence over emotional expression on perceived social support

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Bryan, Jennifer L., Quist, Michelle C., Young, Chelsie M., Steers, Mai-Ly N., Foster, Dawn W., Lu, Qian

    This study evaluated pet affinity as a buffer between ambivalence over emotional expression (AEE) and social support. AEE occurs when one desires to express emotions but is reluctant to do so and is related to negative psychological outcomes. Individuals high in AEE may have difficulty receiving...

  62. Assessing the benefits and risks of owning a pet

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Cherniack, E. Paul M. D., Cherniack, Ariella R.

  63. Notes On: Making Room for Fido at Work: Animals in the Workplace as Reasonable Accommodations

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Kizziar, James H., Jr., Dodds, Amber K.

  64. Oxytocin responses after dog and cat interactions depend on pet ownership and may affect interpersonal trust

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Benjamin A. Curry, Brianne Donaldson, Moana Vercoe, Matthew Filippo, Paul J. Zak

    Although many of us interact daily with animals, we have lit t le understanding of how this affects our interactions with people. This study assessed the physiological effects of human-animal interactions and tested if this affected interpersonal trust. Participants (N=141) were assigned to...

  65. Pets in the Workplace: The Impact of Pet-Friendly Policies on Employee Stress and the Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Support

    Theses | Contributor(s): Naumann, Samantha

  66. Human-animal interaction in the aging boom

    Book Sections | Contributor(s): Johnson, Rebecca, Bibbo, Jessica, Fine, Aubrey H.

  67. Fostering the human-animal bond for older adults: Challenges and opportunities

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Anderson, Keith A., Lord, Linda K., Hill, Lawrence N., McCune, Sandra

    Older adults are at high risk for physical illness and emotional disorders, particularly those of lower socioeconomic status. Pet ownership has the potential to reduce the impact of these problems by providing companionship, reducing social isolation, and enhancing physical activity and...

  68. Eight domains of pet-owner wellness: Valuing the owner-pet relationship in the counseling process

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Chandler, Cynthia K., Fernando, Delini M., Barrio Minton, Casey A., Portrie-Bethke, Torey L.

  69. Pet project: employers warm up to critters in the workplace

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Cook, Julie

  70. Bring Your Dog to Work Day motivates staff

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Calnan, Marianne

  71. Employees' Best Friends and Other Animals in the Workplace

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Von Bergen, C. W. , Bressler, Martin S.

  72. Does Dog Walking Predict Physical Activity Participation: Results From a National Survey

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Richards, E. A.

  73. The importance of pets to families

    Journal Articles

  74. One Health: The complex issue of dog bites

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Bailey, D., Leicester, L.

  75. The complex issue of dog bites

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Bower, C.

  76. The path to a healthy workplace: A critical review linking healthy workplace practices, employee well-being, and organizational improvements

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): MJ Grawitch, M Gottschalk, DC Munz

  77. Leashing the Risks of Pets in the Workplace

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Hilary Tuttle

  78. The incremental direct costs associated with behavioral symptoms in AD

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): DL Murman, Q Chen, MC Powell, SB Kuo, CJ Bradley, CC Colenda

  79. Human Animal Interaction:Optimizing HAI Costs & Benefits: Study of Expert Opinion in Japan & Rest of World

    Presentations | Contributor(s): TR Zengage

  80. The Benefits of Pets for Human Health

    Full-text: Available

    Websites | Contributor(s): Dana Casciotti, Diana Zuckerman

  81. Pets by the Numbers

    Full-text: Available


  82. U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics

    Full-text: Available


  83. Pet Ownership Calculator

    Full-text: Available