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The Effects of Human-Animal Interaction on Social Isolation (HABRI Central Bibliography)

By Marcy Wilhelm-South (compiler)

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  • Marcy Wilhelm-South (2018), "The Effects of Human-Animal Interaction on Social Isolation (HABRI Central Bibliography),"

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In This Bibliography

  1. Building human habitats [Part 2]: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Other Animals

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  2. Factors related to owner grief response following disappearance of a pet

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  3. Pets as companions for non-institutionalized older adults

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  7. Animal companions and one-year survival of patients after discharge from a coronary care unit

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Erika Friedmann, Aaron Honori Katcher, James Lynch, Sue Ann Thomas

    This study looked at the effects of social isolation and social support on the survival of patients whowere hospitalized in a CCU with a diagnosis of MI or angina pectoris (AP). Social factors have been reportedto account for some of the variation in the incidence of MI and AP (25,28), but...

  8. The role of pet dogs in casual conversations of elderly adults

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Rogers, J., Hart, L. A., Boltz, R. P.

    Casual conversations were recorded as elderly persons routinely walked their dogs through a familiar mobile home park in the United States. Control observations included walks without dogs by owners and non-owners of dogs. All owners talked to and about their dogs. Transcribed conversations...