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What Extension Personnel Should Know About Midwestern Goat Producers

By Kelsey F. Cole, Catherine Hoegeman, Benjamin M. Onyango, Jodie A. Pennington, Charlotte A. Clifford-Rathert, Elizabeth L. Walker

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The growth of the goat industry has created opportunities for producers looking for a profitable alternative enterprise. Little is known about goat production or educational needs of producers in Missouri and Arkansas. A survey of goat producers in Missouri and Arkansas addressed farm characteristics, product marketing characteristics, preferred information sources, and educational topics of interest for goat producers. A better understanding of goat production and producer needs can support Extension's development of education programs to further develop the emerging goat industry.


Katie Osborn

Publication Title Journal of Extension
Volume 56
Issue 4
ISBN/ISSN 1077-5315
Publisher Extension Journal, Inc.
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  • Kelsey F. Cole; Catherine Hoegeman; Benjamin M. Onyango; Jodie A. Pennington; Charlotte A. Clifford-Rathert; Elizabeth L. Walker (2018), "What Extension Personnel Should Know About Midwestern Goat Producers,"

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