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Hooves Marching for Mercy

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The first part of our mission is...

Rescuing and providing sanctuary to abandoned, sick/injured, and abused potbelly pigs and other animal friends, as we have room.

The second part of our mission is...

Providing sanctuary and a peaceful and healing environment for military, military families, veterans, and helping those of them in need.


By providing both the animals and the military/veterans with a place of sanctuary, each helping the other, a symbiotic relationship is formed and healing/growth can begin for both. We will also be a place for military/ veterans to come volunteer, mentor, teach, and retreat; a place that becomes their Sanctuary.

Our volunteers and staff will have a place they can be proud to volunteer, work, and add to the lives of the animals and military, military families, and veterans.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Location Atlanta, GA
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