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Grounded Zoomorphism: An Evaluation Methodology for ACI Design

By Michelle Westerlaken, Stefano Gualeni

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This paper proposes and evaluates a novel method for the analysis and the refinement of products and designs that participate in playful, digitally-mediated human-animal interactions. The proposed method relies on a Grounded Theory approach and aims at guiding design and research in the field of Animal Computer Interaction in a way that is better focused on the experience and needs of the animals interacting with playful, digital artefacts. In order to validate the proposed techniques, we designed a video game (Felino) in which cats and humans play together on a single tablet. Felino was then tested together with cats (N=19). Guidelines for the refinement of the game itself emerged from the process, and are presented as exemplary outputs of the proposed method at the end of this study.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Pages 6
Publisher ACE
Conference Title Advances in Computer Entertainment
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  • Michelle Westerlaken; Stefano Gualeni (2019), "Grounded Zoomorphism: An Evaluation Methodology for ACI Design,"

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