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The Compadres Therapy, Inc. Board of Directors and staff believe in teaming together with health and educational professionals and animals to explore the healing and educational effect of the human/animal bond.

Compadres Therapy, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that offers custom built equine services to the client.  Our purpose is to provide equine facilitated activities and therapies to persons in our community with special needs including but not limited to those who are physically, intellectually, or emotionally challenged and/or who are economically diadvantaged.  Compadres will also provide those same services to those who would benefit from the experience of the human animal bond.

Our horses are stabled in the Upper Valley, where all sessions are held.  The facility is primarily a private horse training and boarding facility, but graciously shares its facility with Compadres Therapy.  Please contact Compadres Therapy to set up a private tour if you are interested in participating in our equine assisted activities.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Location El Paso, TX
Status Active
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