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Founded in 2008, Macon TRACS, Inc. is a 501-C-3 non-profit and a PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Center. 
​Since 2009, Macon TRACS has served individuals with the following Special Needs: Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Developmental Delay/ Cognitive Delay, Learning Disabilities, PTSD,  Reactive Attachment Disorder, Depression, Deafness, Visual Impairment, Stroke, Brain Injuries, Muscular Dystrophy, and Multiple Sclerosis. 


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Location Otto, NC
Status Active
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  7. Deafness
  8. Depression
  9. Down Syndrome
  10. Equine-assisted activities
  11. Horses
  12. Learning disabilities
  13. Mammals
  14. Multiple sclerosis
  15. North Carolina
  16. open access
  17. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  18. Stroke
  19. Visual Impairments
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