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How To Help Animals Through Innovation | N.G. Jayasimha | TEDxShivNadarUniversity

By N. G. Jayasimha

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“Most of these animals get more space in your microwave, than when they are alive.” In an extremely captivating talk, Mr. N G Jayasimha sheds light on how animals are suffering today in the name of science and advancements. With the epitome of our endless desires, we’ve been going on ignoring the consequences of our actions for far too long without realizing that the dependence is both ways. He exhibits a very interesting take on how technology and innovation can be used to enhance the lives of our animals, and ours as well in return, and how we as a race can try to exist in harmony with the nature that uplifts our roots.

NG Jayasimha is the Managing Director of the Humane Society International. In addition to serving on several committees for various government ministries, Jayasimha has been an integral part of monitoring committee set up by the High Court of Bombay to control illegal trade in wildlife in India.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2019
Publisher TedX Talks
Size/Length 14:03
Language English
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