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Dog Whisper || Manoor Sachdev || TEDxSIULavale | Manoor Sachdev | TEDxSIULavale

By Manoor Sachdev

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“We as humans think we are great but we are not. We are supposed to take inspiration from life because it is your biggest gift” Manoor Sachdev is a chief canine student at Canines Solution private limited. His foremost responsibility is attracting, engaging, developing and finding life’s purpose for CSPL’s most important assets – Animals. He has been featured on many international news networks, Magazines and actuality programs including Discovery’s “India’s best job” and NDTV’s “Heavy Petting” for his ground breaking approach. Manoor is the chief Canine student at Canines solutions private limited. Manoor bringing 8 years of animal love experiences across multiple species, like canines, wild dogs, connecting to animals from various habitats like, swamps, slaughterhouses, road injuries, abandoned from homes, and from bring euthanised. He also caters to animals at various stages of life, like puppy adoption, home introduction, behaviour modification, anger management, medical rehabilitation are some of the things he specialises in. In past 8 years under the brand of CSPL ,Manoor has rehabilitated about 3000 animals and corrected some 4000 human - animal interactions through his one on one Counselling sessions, resort and community work. For his ground-breaking approach he has been featured on many local and international News Networks, local & national newspapers, magazines and Actuality Programs including Discovery’s “India’s Best Job” and NDTV’s “Heavy Petting”.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2018
Publisher TedX Talks
Size/Length 13:28
Language English
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