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Coexistence With Street Animals | Gira Shah | TEDxDAIICT

By Gira Shah

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"To be humane and compassionate is our moral responsibility and our constitutional duty". Gira Shah, founder of Jeevdaya Trust and an animal lover at heart who works relentlessly for animal welfare subtly elucidates how even little compassion from humans and small eco-friendly changes inculcated in our lifestyles can help proliferate a beautiful bond of coexistence. By profession, she is an industrialist taking care of several export-oriented medical instruments manufacturing units. But her first love and passion are animals. The love for animals has continued to flourish since her childhood. She always dreamt of making a difference in the lives of the ones who no one cared about and the dream has finally fruited. Today in 2018, the NGO's two separate hospitals for birds and animals are not only recognized all over the city of Ahmedabad and in India but are known all over the world. Her passion and compassion for these animals has truly made a difference in the lives of so many innocent beings.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2018
Publisher TedX Talks
Size/Length 17:07
Language English
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