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Assistance Animals Consulting

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Assistance Animals Consulting is a revolutionary business in regards to multidisciplinary healthcare.  Our goal at Assistance Animals Consulting is to facilitate successful human animal bond treatment plans.  We guide human animal interactions and education on animal health, handling, behavior and zoonotic diseases.  Our goal is to also ensure the health and welfare of the supporting animal is protected. 

Assistance Animals Consulting is a company with licensed veterinarians, our job is to evaluate any dog or cat being considered as a working animal for therapeutic purposes.  The use of service animals, assistance animals, emotional support animals and therapy animals will continue to rise as a therapeutic modality to improve a multitude of human health conditions.  No one is better able to monitor the health and welfare of animals involved in these therapeutic programs than a veterinarian.

The distinct ability of Assistance Animals Consulting is to serve as an informational resource to guide all people, professionals and institutions interacting with those engaging in this therapeutic modality.  It is our mission to be a vital resource for enhancing human animal interaction.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Location Maine
URL https://www.assistanceanimalsconsulting.com/
Status Active
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