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For Dogs Sake: A practical solution for animal cruelty | Sally Varma | TEDxThiruvananthapuram

By Sally Varma

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In this talk, Sally Varma speaks on how she and her team deal with the raging cruelty shown towards dogs, what goes into their care and rehabilitation and how a little compassion can go a long way. Sally Varma is an animal rights activist. Her wish to create peaceful coexistence between humans and animals brought up Sally Varma to shift her career from journalism to animal welfare. Believing that the world belongs to every living creature that is a part of it, she started a small initiative called Save A Life. Although it all started as a Facebook page, the initiative helped rescue and rehome many animals from all over Kerala. It also helped to spread awareness on animal welfare & its impact on human lives and the malpractices to which animals, especially farm animals, are subjected due to factory farming and cruel transportation methods. She has worked as a community engagement officer for the NGO Humane Society International/India and was involved in an ABC (animal birth control) program for Street dogs in Malappuram district of Kerala. She has completed her para-veterinary course from Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS), Ooty and was honored by the President of India as one of the 100 women achievers of India for her work in Animal Welfare.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2019
Publisher TedX Talks
Size/Length 16:01
Language English
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