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The Animal Compassion Revolution has begun. | Erika Abrams | TEDxVIIT

By Erika Abrams

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Instilling a sense of compassion towards the mute animals and creating an awareness of animals' suffering and their desperate need of our help, Erika believes and has delivered it in the best way possible that enlists paths to ensure a secure future of the animals of our Nation. Erika Abrams, 63, is co-founder of Animal Aid Unlimited, one of India's busiest street animal rescue centers, located in Udaipur, Rajasthan India, treating mainly injured or ill cows, donkeys, bulls and dogs. Animal Aid's staff of 80, together with volunteers from all over the world, serve the most destitute animals who arrive in the hospital with fractures, wounds, infections, tumors and diseases. Through thousands of happy endings, street animal protection and rescue is becoming one of India's most vital, and visible expressions of animal seva and compassionate non-violence. 


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2019
Publisher TedX Talks
Size/Length 21:50
Language English
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