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Inspired by Horses: Finding Your Sweet Spot in Life | Jonathan Field | TEDxSanJuanIsland

By Jonathan Field

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During the past 20 Jonathan Field has been speaking and handling horses while teaching large groups of people to understand the nature of the horse. Participants quickly come to realize it's more about teaching the humans and helping them through their blocks than it is about the horse. By striving for the same partnership and synchronicity we see in nature - flocks of birds, or a lead mare turning her band of horses with just a glance of her eye - Jonathan helps us strive for and discover our own "sweet spot" of comfort and in partnership with the world around us. Jonathan Field is a gifted teacher, author, presenter and horseman with a driving passion to share his message that a better understanding of the horse leads to greater self awareness in the human. Jonathan has coached, mentored and shared his knowledge with thousands of people in clinics, expos and presentations both in the US and internationally, and the Field Horsemanship Program has been adopted in England, Ireland, Europe, Australia and all over North America. Jonathan has contributed articles for and appeared on the cover of major publications in North America. In addition, CBS television aired a special about Jonathan’s life with horses in the US and Canada, and Red Bull Media House shot and produced a documentary for their European network. At his participation in Road to the Horse International 2014, Jonathan was the proud recipient of the Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award for his overall performance during the competition. A published author, Jonathan penned his debut book The Art of Liberty Training for Horses. More recently, Jonathan has produced his own international horsemanship education conference, Jonathan Field and Friends, which brings some of the top horsemen in the world together for two days of education and entertainment.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2019
Publisher TedX Talks
Location of Publication San Juan Island
Size/Length 18:35
Language English
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