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By David A Rubenstein, Mustapha Debboun, Richard Burton

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Abstract Humans have domesticated animals for assistance and companionship since before the beginning of recorded history. Beasts of burden permitted the development of civilization by breaking land for agriculture with plows, and carrying crops, products, and people in larger quantities and over longer distances than human backs and feet could ever achieve. The longest recognized domesticated animal, the canine, provided humans with assistance in hunting and security, as well as companionship, throughout history, and continues to serve in those and other capacities today.

Christopher C Charles

Purdue University

Date 2012
Publication Title The United States Army Medical Department Journal
Issue April–June
Pages 1-4
ISBN/ISSN 1524-0436
Publisher The United States Army Medical Department Center & School
Location of Publication Fort Sam Houston, TX
Language English
Additional Language English
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