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The Ties that Bind: One Health | Sharon Deem | TEDxGatewayArchSalon

By Sharon Deem

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Sharon discusses the idea of One World Health - plants, animals and humans need to find a path to balance. As man disrupts the natural systems it disrupts the health of other living things which in turn cause problems that were not obviously predictable. We need to be aware of the disruptions we are causing because the could come back to bite use (in the form of Zika, Malaria or West Nile). Dr. Deem has several great examples of unintended events that are causing new vectors that threaten global health - ONE HEALTH . Sharon Deem, DVM, PhD is an elephant aficionado with major wildlife veterinary and epidemiology chops — chops as in 100+ articles, 25 book chapters and research in 30+ countries. Even if you’ve yet to dip into her prolific zoological explorations, you can catch her world-renowned ideas that bind human, animal and environmental health.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2018
Publisher TEDx Talks
Size/Length 15:35
Language English
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