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Where are the wild elephants supposed to go? | Paola Branco | TEDxUIdaho

By Paola Branco

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As amazing as it would be if they did, animals don’t help save animals. People do…or don’t. African elephants are one of many animals that need to be saved. However, human-elephant conflicts are known to have occurred for many, many years, all over the African elephant’s continent-wide territory, and is one of the reasons elephants are killed by local communities. Elephants readily leave protected areas on an expedition through people’s crops. They eat maize, pumpkin, beans, watermelon… There is very little that doesn’t get taken. In the process, entire fields are destroyed, and months of hard work to plant and nurture important food supplies are wasted. It is, undeniably, a big problem.
Obviously, the perspective of this situation depends from which side you are on. Some blame elephants, some blame people, some blame the government. But are elephants at fault here? Should we kill them to save ourselves?
In this compelling journey through several countries, Paola shares her research into how humans can coexist with elephants. Paola Branco is an animal lover above all things. She has always focused her efforts on better understanding the animal world, with a special interest in African wildlife. She graduated in veterinary medicine and specialized in animal anesthesia in Brazil, her home country, and since then she has worked in many animal hospitals and in different field projects. Paola is finishing her Master’s degree at the University of Idaho, where she researched human-elephant conflicts in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Her research has taken her to the US, Kenya and Tanzania to gather experience with other scientists, and many months of work in her study sites. Besides understanding the relationship between elephants and local people, she is trying to use strategies to promote the coexistence between the two species, with the goal of providing a safer environment for the remaining elephant population.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2018
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