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Let's rethink our society, which recycle CANS and discards living beings

By Erasmo de Oliveira

Licensed under Public Domain

Category Soft Literature

“Let’s rethink our society, which recycle
CANS and discards living beings”


(Animal Defender)

Adoption of stray animals is a big social medicament, a factor to increase quality of life, which solves the abandonment of animals, avoids accidents of transit and the spreading of zoonoses, fights the racism, bullying and teenage pregnancy, creates employs and is the very best treatment against stress and depression.

Adoption of stray animals is an auxiliary therapy absolutely free of costs and without contraindication!

Interests to all kind of persons, because integrates stray animals to the Society, giving them CITIZENRY and the opportunity to be PROTAGONIST on the urban Ecosystem, a consumer of goods and services and a strong PARTNER of all the Human Beings tuned to the philosophic and intellectual advances of the XXIInd Century.

Yes, the culture of respect the animals does not belongs to this troubled XXIst Century, is a reality which will be consolidated in fact some decades ahead, because is a so fundamental concept, which turns innovative, as well was with the abolition of slavery.

Two pets in each home of the Planet, generating employment and peace, all of this starting by YOUR HOME! 

Soon, this will be a worldwide Project, thanks to its simplicity. It only needs persons in all countries open their doors and welcoming a stray-animal, promoting this way an interaction which only brings well things to both. Persons which suffer with depression and stress, can find a way to relax, exchanging body heat with their PETs.


This is a politically and religiously NEUTRAL Project. All kind of supporting is welcome, even that you just divulge this information!

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