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I was not born with a mask!

By Erasmo de Oliveira

Licensed under Public Domain

Category Soft Literature

Year 2020. The Mankind “evolved” frighteningly (in the broadest sense of this word); It created wings, conquered other planets, played God by manipulating DNA and the atom. Today, it is very “natural” to use a smartphone, but it seems ridiculous to hear the silence and talk to our inner self and our essence. The 21st century pandemic owes nothing to the Black Death of the Middle Ages: once again the Human Race is on its knees before a microscopic being and the greatest world leaders are banging their foreheads on the glass, trying to get out of the maze. Is the big solution even would wearing a mask and avoiding contact with other people?

We are going to talk about three subjects, which are the future, because they rescue our origins. Nature has the answer to all the problems that technology and money created, but could not solve.

Back in the past, in the creation of our Solar System, the one who came first was the Sun and its inexhaustible source of light and heat, which cross billions of kilometers in space and bring life to Earth. So is the handsmade healing, which can be applied in person or remotely, bringing harmony to whoever is ready to receive it. If the patient does not deserve to be treated by the handsmade healing, he is free to soak himself with antibiotics and radiation, paying dearly for CT scans, MRI scans and other “last generation” treatments (the last of the Mankind before its extermination?), having his body invaded by artificial compounds. Each chooses his path.

Our definition of the handsmade healing is the therapy that channels the energies of the Universe to the patient’s body through the laying on of hands. The healing like Jesus made, for instance.

The plantsmade healing is another powerful tool to rescue the origins of the Human Being, bringing him closer to Nature and a life full of health. For millennia, shamans have healed their indigenous peoples with the wisdom of plants. It was only more than a hundred years ago that someone saw the economic potential of millions of people becoming addicted and today we have a chemical dependent Mankind, with chronic diseases and that make the fortunes of a little smart group. Medicine today is a commercial product, it hits sales targets like any other and the only difference between medicine and poison is the dose. Pandemics are business opportunities and the patient is only one more mere client.

The plantsmade healing offers health through, for instance, simple contact between the patient’s skin and an herbal sachet or the ingestion of a cup of tea.

Animals existed on Earth long before the Human Being, no matter if you are a Creationist and believe in Adam and Eve or if you are an Evolutionist and believe that we are descended from monkeys. The fact is that each animal is on the planet with a specific mission and some choose our homes to bless. Our pets often manifest the disease that affects their guardians. A sick animal can be the key to healing the whole family and we simply need to ask the animal what it thinks and feels. Whoever has the humility and sensitivity to listen to his wise advice, will prosper.

Talking the angels’ language seeks to learn the language of four-legged angels and talk to them in a two-way street.


This is the idea of The Fully Comprehensive Therapy, to see the situation of various angles and focus on the harmony of each person, inserted in each family.

The domestic ecosystem, including the home, animals and even the memories that live there, are clues that lead us to the true and definitive cure. If you are ready to accept something beyond the Media lies and the economic/advertising power of the big medicine/poison factories, look for a serious Fully Comprehensive Therapist, who sees this as a life mission and that sees our passage through Earth as a brief and small model of what is the true perfect world that we keep in our subconscious and that is a reality. Escape from empty celebrities/influencers, immoral in their mercantilism.

Fame is just a matter of advertising, investing money to gain more money! Do not get too caught up in the amount of followers that the Therapist may have on social networks or by who is blasting in this pre (?) – apocalyptic world. The best perfumes are in the smallest bottles and wisdom is not a hamburger, it is truffle! The option is to continue wandering blindly in a materialistic world, “curing” one disease and creating two others. After all, there are already beautiful models of masks and gel alcohol with varied aromas. Who knows, our children and grandchildren will be born (?) wearing masks, then all this text about Nature and healthy life will totally lose its meaning!

That’s the focus I am in, what I have to speak in a lecture to you and your associates, if you are ready to see the new reality of this blue planet, after the pandemic. Ask me for a lecture, or remain asking the same usual gurus, that ones who drove this world to the edge of the chaos and are under its beds now, frightened with the results of its stupid and politically correct theories in them, but laughing about the silly people who believed in them. Yes, this is your jetplane, you are free to choose your pilot, have a nice landing, if you can!

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