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By Erasmo de Oliveira

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In 2004, a tsunami killed one hundred thousand people in eight Asian countries. Hours before the giant wave reached the continent, ALL animals, without exception, spontaneously sought shelter in lands far from the coast and were saved ...

Living with pets only brings benefits to the Human Being. They teaches us his unconditional love, his detachment from matter. The simple presence of a dog or cat in a house, helps to make this place a real home and all the reasons you can imagine for not adopting an animal, are, in reality, a sample of the person's terrible quality of life. We need to have the humility to learn from them, much more in a glance, than in dozens of self-help books!

Thousands of animals abandoned in the streets, thousands more crammed into shelters, all living in terrible conditions and cauterizing us in relation to the pain of others. Today, we ignore an abandoned cat or dog; tomorrow, we will find it normal to abandon our elderly parents in nursing homes and human babies in dumpsters. How can this situation be reversed, with the added benefit of transforming abandoned animals into job and income generators, in addition to promoting the unity of its group of employees?

Take home an angel and a great friend; BE ADOPTED today by an abandoned animal!

The correct place for pets is in the company of families,
receiving and returning affection and attention.

This is an awareness project on responsible ownership and love of animals, developed by Journalist ErasmodeOliveira, disseminated through Internet posts like this - free of copyright - and lectures, at a symbolic cost, with personalized content, according to the target audience.

To promote a lecture at your company or school, simply provide an auditorium with voice equipment, and invite your employees and start celebrating, for the thousands of lives you can save, with a simple gesture. People and animals, living together in peace, with improving of mental health.

Thus, you will be encouraging teamwork, geared towards an activity with a profound social sense, the adoption of abandoned animals, in addition to being the only environmental action that you can take home.

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