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Is There An Association Between Animals and Inmate Mental Health?

By Cole Benko

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The idea of using animals and, in some cases, service animals, for therapeutic services has been becoming more popular recently. The definition of a service animal states that any dog who is trained to complete tasks in order to benefit a person who has a disability, however, all kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, and even horses have been used in therapeutic settings to help patients with different mental illnesses such as PTSD, and also have been known to improve the mood of certain people. Another therapeutic usage for animals that has much more room for research is using animals in prison settings with inmates. Prison inmates are able to use these animals in an effort to improve their quality of life through many factors, as well as grow a relationship with the animal that turns out to be beneficial for both parties.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2020
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