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Yellow September and suicide prevention

By Erasmo de Oliveira

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Yellow September and suicide prevention

What is the meaning of life?

The Human Being creates difficulties to sell facilities afterwards. Each month has a color and a politically correct campaign, which everyone follows and disseminates, but falls into the void as soon as the calendar announces another campaign equally empty and motivated by financial interests.

Every month, thousands of people die of cancer and traffic accidents, but the Pokémon that everyone is hunting in September is suicide prevention. So, come on.

Putting a pet in the life of a sick person improves their disposition and helps them face the long battle with cancer, for example. Adopting all street animals would prevent one of them from crossing a road and causing a pileup. So too, if a potential suicide has a pet under your responsibility, you will have the opportunity to reflect before you pull the trigger and die.

It is feeling important to someone, it is seeing the miracle of life in 4K, feeling the touch of the soft fur and the icy muzzle of a true and unconditional friend, who will miss you a lot if the suicide is consummated.

The four-legged friend's gaze can be more eloquent than a thousand empty speeches by religious leaders or self-help gurus, as it is there, just for you, saying without words everything you need to hear. It is the warmth your family forgot to give you, it is the opportunity to be heard that no successful friend has had time to know what was going on with you. Those are the children who went in search of their own dreams and forgot you in a cramped and gloomy room.

All those past loves that came to naught, the crazy plans of material success and fame that ended up hitting the forehead on the wall, along with the beauty and fame that attracted so many followers and today no longer.

Or that young man who sees no prospect of a future in his life, who did not have the advice of a father or the affection of a mother to guide him towards any destination, anybody would be better than the deafening silence of solitude. If the idea of suicide is really fixed and no media argument can help, pick up a yellow kitten and name it "September". Happy next day and all the next, together with your best and most faithful friend.

(Erasmo de Oliveira is a Journalist and activist for the animal cause. This text is free of copyright, can and should be shared on social networks and reproduced in media outlets, simply maintaining its completeness and citing the author).

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