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By Erasmo de Oliveira

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You really want to have grandchildren and play grandpa, don't you? But not at thirty-five. What human didactics can help you, your family and the whole society?

Sex. Everyone does it, everyone talks about it. It serves as a sales pitch for any type of product. Fits those jokes from coffee wheels at the company or college. Only not.

By the time your thirteen-year-old daughter appears pregnant at home, sex begins to look like what it really is: something sacred, God's provision for the reproduction of living things, not a sport or a hobby that can be practiced in the Russian roulette style. . Yes, there are consequences that the TV never shows.

A sexually transmitted disease, an unwanted pregnancy, whatever comes along with that innocent "leisure" activity without compromise, can and should be avoided, within your family and in society as a whole.

Yes, it should be part of the school curriculum from the first hour, but great geniuses waste precious time discussing nonsense and do not offer something practical to teach children lightly that reproduction is not a game. God thought about it and made us mammals, just like dogs and cats, those beings that you don't even notice, but are on every corner of the planet, to help you evolve.

The gestation cycle of a mother cat or dog is the same as that of a woman. Fertilization, breastfeeding, childbirth, all the same. When a four-legged mom with a big belly appears at your door, don't think twice before welcoming her into your home. Just find a safe and clean place for her to stay until the puppies are born. Give food, water and lots of affection.

Allow and encourage your children to follow the whole process and to understand the miracle of life that happens there. Your family will be welcoming another family and each step can help your children understand the cause and effect relationship that exists in everything. Animals breed because they are fulfilling their mission, which involves even teaching humans that God exists, yes, despite being invisible to the eyes that do not want to see Him.

Being the grandfather of some kittens is not a burden, at least it won't have the same weight as a biological grandson. Take good care of Mom and let her breastfeed her babies. Consult a Veterinarian and neuter the mother as soon as possible. Photograph the puppies and post them on your social networks, get responsible adopters for all of them and talk to your child's teacher about the possibility of this experience becoming a lesson for all classmates.

Really share the information, make this a true soap opera and let all your friends know how magical the moment of the birth of a new living being is. Our world needs this, to understand the sanctity of life, something that animals have never forgotten, but humans do.

(Erasmo de Oliveira is a Journalist and activist for the animal cause. This text is free of copyright, can and should be shared on social networks and reproduced in media outlets, simply maintaining its completeness and citing the author).

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