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By Erasmo de Oliveira

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Ethnic, gender, regional prejudice. The Human Being is a master at creating obstacles and seeing something wrong in everything that disagrees with his personal opinion or with his own appearance, origin and creed.
Human society needs to create politically correct solutions to sleep in peace. The fact is that the different bothers us and we do not feel comfortable in the face of a not-so-similar fellow.
We need to find some defect in the appearance or in the life options of others and then we quell that discomfort, granting some tolerance benefit. Obviously, it will always be a concession of the one who has prejudice against the one who suffers prejudice, it is enough that the "different" accepts his condition of being different and sucks up the crumbs that fall from the full table of the "right" society.
Imagine how didactic the adoption of an elderly or disabled animal is. Companies, especially, should encourage their employees to visit animal shelters and adopt the most problematic ones. Those who age in cages, properly removed and hidden from the hypocritical society that overvalues their appearance and who clicks on the trash can, the older, the ugly, the disabled, the mongrel. We are talking here about human and non-human animals.
How about taking a blind cat home? A three-legged dog? Those who are most forgotten, in a corner of the planet or an immense shelter, which ends up becoming a cemetery of living beings, who deserve love and affection like any other. Think of YOURSELF, abandoned in an old age home, suffering in the flesh exactly what animals suffer, condemned to a penalty of torture without having committed any crime, except that they have no race or commercial value.
The moral values that are learned when loving an animal outside the standards of perfection, go much further and improve society based on the personal change of each individual. It's a long-term job, but it has to start someday, especially in the politically correct environments of companies. It is past time for large corporations to take their human robots to empty "dog parking lots", adopting en masse. There is no favor to animals, they have a lot of love to teach for this cold society, closed in its archaic values, which invests in electronic devices and ignores the true ancestral technology, which takes us back to the paradise idealized by God.

In the photo, a blind cat helps an eighty-eight-year-old woman to face cancer. Did you really need a caption?

(Erasmo de Oliveira is a journalist and activist for the animal cause. This text is free of copyright, can and should be shared on social networks and reproduced in media outlets, simply maintaining its completeness and citing the author).

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