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By Erasmo de Oliveira

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Many people confuse spirituality with religion and a very easy way to explain the difference between one and the other is to observe animals.
When talking about something immaterial, it is implied that it is something non-monetizable, intangible, with no commercial value. Furthermore, it is observed that it is something that does not depend on time and space.
A holy book - whatever it may be - needs to be written, printed and read, in order to have the opportunity to be understood and, perhaps so, absorbed and have some practical benefit. It depends on whether the reader is lucid and reasoning, it can take years of study and still get nowhere.
When it is said that "animals are angels", it is in the sense that they are messengers of a greater force, that created them, as we, Human Beings and everything in the Universe. No, it is foolish to believe in a "big explosion" of NOTHING acting on NOTHING and generating EVERYTHING. It is more plausible to accept that someone very creative gave life to things and intelligently placed the Sun in the morning and the Moon at night.
Quantum Physics begins to scratch the surface of the knowledge pool that simply IS, does not depend on thesis defenses to exist. Science tends to converge to what is called religion today, as it will have to bow to unquestionable realities according to the myopic human logic.
A cat purr or a good dog lick on the face of someone who is in a deep coma will have an immediate effect, on a conscious and subconscious level. An illiterate or an autistic person can absorb spiritual concepts through the touch and look of an animal, even an abandoned one, that is not worth a coin.
Gratitude, hope, detachment, compassion, love and unconditional forgiveness, can be unattainable targets according to the short view of the Human Being, but all this comes in the software of all animals, programmed directly by God. This is spirituality and, in the deepest sense of the word "religion", which is the reconnection of the Human Being with God, it answers everything and raises new questions each time you meditate on it. Do you really want to know? Grab a little ball right now and go play with a divine messenger, disguised in a furry little creature with four legs, who happily roams the streets, waiting for a home that will be blessed with your presence!

(Erasmo de Oliveira is a Journalist and activist for the animal cause. This text is free of copyright, can and should be shared on social networks and reproduced in media outlets, simply maintaining its completeness and citing the author).

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