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Animal rescuers and the HR

By Erasmo de Oliveira

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Animal rescuers and the HR

If you are an animal rescuer, this page can help you make partnerships. Send the link by email to the HR of the companies near your home!


Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Brigitte Bardot and even 007 Pierce Brosnan are also in the fight for animals. Are we really wild and crazy? There are MILLIONS of volunteers, mostly women, anonymous, the ANIMAL RESCUERS, who welcome in their homes all the street dogs and cats that need a home, no matter if there is still space, money or time to take good care of each one of them, the important thing is to always be with open arms to give what the animal needs immediately: help.

However, in a second moment, what the rescuers and the animals need most is people who adopt the rescued animals in a definitive way. This is where the moral duty of "successful" people comes in, who waste precious time raising flags on social medias, but who, when taking an animal home, choose to buy one with a pedigree, to display it as a trophy. They may not know that, like any industrial product, only the perfect animals are sold. Those who are sick or have special needs are disposed of like garbage, without mercy, by the breeders, who regard such living beings as "financial loss".

Every company can and should encourage the adoption of animals among its employees, as a factor in improving mental health and quality of life. It is the role of HR to encourage and support each employee to look in their neighborhood - asking in pet stores and Veterinarians is a good idea - if there is any person who has many animals in their home. Then, just ring that person's home bell and propose help.

See how many animals she has for adoption and what she expects from adopters. Publicize it in the company, get your colleagues together on a Sunday and everyone goes together to the rescuer's house, each one adopts a pet, empties her house and everyone wins. This makes vacancy rooms for her to welcome more animals. It's not just giving donations, turning your back and feeling relieved. Each adopter benefits from the presence of the new friend at home and, over time, absences from work decrease, as well as improving the corporate environment. It is an indirect effect, the animal at home unites the family and brings PEACE, something so necessary and that improves productivity in general.

(Erasmo de Oliveira is a journalist and activist for the animal cause. This text is free of copyright, can and should be shared on social networks and reproduced in media outlets, simply maintaining its completeness and citing the author).

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