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Colorado Therapy Horses is a 501(c)(3) non-riding equine assisted therapy program, located in Greeley, Colorado. Started in 2003, CTH utilizes 17 4-legged therapists focused on human clients. Working with the horse on the ground focuses on clients obtaining personal power while working with the instincts of the horse rather then focusing the physical therapy of riding.  This environment allows the client to open up and share without feeling like they have to, allowing them to gain their personal power back. CTH accepts clients of all ages ranging from Special Education programs, Veterans, survivors of abuse, Child Protection services, Substance Abuse sufferers, and those facing other Behavioral and Health concerns. 

Colorado Therapy Horses has two target audiences; treatment and retreat.  The treatment audience is defined as people in need of guidance and tailored emotional healing.  This can range from veterans returning home to clients assigned by the courts for mandated therapy.  CTH has worked with a number of courts in Greeley, such as the drug and alcohol rehabilitation court and the family court systems.  The retreat audience includes any business or organization looking for team building and communication workshops.  


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Location Greeley, CO
Status Active
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