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By Taylor Davis, Madelyn Day, Kendall DuLaney, Jordanne Howard, Cierra Monroe, Jordan Tapp

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PAWS-abilities is our non-profit business idea. Our goal for PAWS-abilities is to provide a safe environment for local stray dogs and rehabilitate them to become service or therapy dogs in the future. The trainers will be local inmates who have passed a strict screening process to ensure the safety of all who are involved. The inmates will be supervised by licensed, professional dog trainers who specialize in service and therapy training. We plan to partner with several local organizations, businesses, and veterinarians to place the service dogs with their new families and to promote the health of the dogs at little expense to our business. Lastly, we will seek partnerships in local hospitals and nursing homes that may have the need for therapy dogs. Service and therapy dogs alike are now needed for a growing number of reasons and for a wide array of individuals. There is also a large number of stray dogs in Kentucky specifically. To many, they are seen as nuisances; however, we would give them a meaning and a purpose by transforming them from the frowned-upon local strays to the highly-respected service dogs.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2017
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