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Companion Animals in Health-Promoting Work-Life

By Komalsingh Rambaree, Stefan Sjöberg

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Despite a growing number of studies on human–animal interactions, empirical data focusing on companion animals within the context of health-promoting work-life are still limited. This article presents an analysis and discussion based on the perceptions of 22 students and staff from the University of Gävle in Sweden on the potential of companion animals for supportive functions in health-promoting work-life, as well as on the possible challenges of having companion animals on the premises of the University. Based on the findings, this article proposes that companion animals can indeed play vital supportive functions in health-promoting work-life, which are presented in the text as “forcing function,” “communication companion,” and “social skills.” However, this article also highlights the socio-economic, legal, and organizational challenges that need to be carefully considered and worked out for having companion animals in the workplace, such as in a university.

Date 2019
Publication Title Society & Animals
Volume 29
Issue 1
Pages 22-40
ISBN/ISSN 1568-5306, 1063-1119
DOI 10.1163/15685306-12341504
Language English
Additional Language English
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